Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Hunger" WIP Images

My current project, a wolf painting entitled "Hunger" is currently in the process of being painted. I have chosen to create this painting in black and white due to the fact that it's both unusual and also because I wanted to make use of selective color with this piece. The wolf's tongue will be the only colored element, boasting a variety of warm pinks and reds to offset the otherwise monochromatic wolf. So far the wolf has been painted using Carbon Black and Titan Buff. Once the detailing is done I will airbrush the wolf with black to darken some areas and will then use Titanium White to bring out the brightest highlights. The tongue will be added in last.

At this stage the whole piece has been airbrushed, minus the tongue, and I have started the detailing process on the face.

The painting currently is at this stage, although I am hoping to complete the head by the end of this week. A lot of layering has been done to slowly bring out the highlights while retaining a slightly soft, plus look to the coat, especially the cheek areas. The whiskers will be added once the head is finished.

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  1. Glad to see you with a blog Cristina!!

    More inspiration for me!!:)

    Btw the wolf is looking awesome!